2018 is off to an artistic start

Year 2 draw their Cat in a Hat and years 6 students begin their geometric tonal cube paintings. 2018 is going to be a great year for art at Forest Crescent.


Clay Frogs

Clay frogs ready for the frog pond. Beautiful little characters ready for the school frog pond at school. Year 4’s loved making these frogs each one had so much character.


Geometric shapes

This project was for year 4 students to complement what they were doing in maths. After collaging the background to create texture they added their shapes all shooting out from the center.

Who would have thought that Maths and Art could be friends??


Majestic Whales

As part of our schools sustainability program we are part of a What Shark tracking program. These TAGS art students drew beautiful whales and added water to delicately bleed out  the artline. Ink background complements the watery finish to the whales